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“Our aim is to improve the physical, emotional, psychological, cognitive and social wellbeing of our clients through the creative use of music. This is achieved under the direction of integrity, fun, innovation, and commitment to positive results.”

Motives In Music provides music therapy to all age groups
through tailored programs that are flexible and client-centered. Participants do not require any previous musical ability, as sessions are aimed at working with an individual’s strengths and existing abilities in promoting growth, improvement, recovery and maintaining and improving their daily living skills and quality of life.

Music Therapy interventions may include:

•  Instrumental and vocal improvisation
•  Song/lyric writing and composing
•  Music and movement
•  Lyrical analysis and discussion
•  Music and Relaxation
•  Musical games
•  Music performance
•  Music listening
•  Singing familiar songs

Please send a message or call the mobile number on the contact page to find out more!

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