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MOTIVES IN MUSIC, specialising in music therapy is based in Toowoomba and conducted by Hamish King, Registered Music Therapist (RMT).

He applies his musical knowledge and repertoire in combination with his natural empathy for others to provide  quality music therapy services for individual and group programs. 

Hamish also crafts original songs for individuals, communities, and businesses to reflect on and inspire positive change and growth within themselves and their network.  

Hamish King, founder of Motives In Music, is a registered music therapist who uses music creatively to produce positive change within an individual’s emotional, social, psychological, physical and cognitive development. A passionate believer in the power of music, Hamish has operated his music therapy practice primarily throughout South East Queensland, delivering many group and individual sessions and professional development workshops across the region. 

Hamish has conducted music therapy sessions for clients from Belmont Private Hospital, Currumbin Clinic, Gold Coast Recreation and Sport Inc., Blue Care, Dementia Australia, Anglicare, Opal Aged Care, Salvation Army, and participants in the NDIS as well as other varied private clients. 

In addition to the in-person sessions based in the Toowomba area, Telehealth music therapy sessions are also available to urban, regional and remote clients as Hamish is currently working in this area. Please contact Hamish if you would like to know more.    

Hamish is committed to sharing his love of music and the skills and the knowledge he has acquired from a decade dedicated to the practice of music therapy and its ability to engage and empower the lives of others. He offers a heart-felt, musical approach to personal development.

Hamish possesses a sensitive, fun nature which helps people to feel safe and focus on what it is that makes them shine. It is incredibly satisfying for Hamish to see clients gain increased meaning for their life journey, and an increased sense of courage and purpose to pursue their passion.

Hamish is a graduate of the University of Queensland, where he completed a Master of Music Therapy and a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in psychology and music. He has also completed Neurologic Music Therapy training in Melbourne. 

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